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Although at the first instance they were very passionate about infra heating, we arranged a site visit, and then they came to fit the infra panels. Unfortunately they didn't come when they said they would, they came a week later when we were away from our property for a few months. When we came back , we were shocked by the poor installation, most of panels weren't level, and they were on fitted to the walls / ceilings with two or three screws, so they were wobbling!. The electrical wiring was very poorly fitted, and Adam the installer had left all the rubbish in our attic. The bedroom heaters weren't working properly, there were annoying bright blue lights on all the heaters which glared at night. Chris the engineer came to look at the problems, and we arranged a day for him to do the work, unfortunately he could not come, and had to come a week later, again when we weren't there. He did manage to get some of the wiring problems resolved and managed to fit one of the panels with four screws. Philip the MD promised to get the rest of the heaters fixed correctly and install a WiFi controller. 11 months since the first fitting we are still waiting for the works to be finished to a professional standard. They've made lots of promises , and spent a lot times praising themselves for all the satisfied customers! Infra panel heating is a great ,economic and healthy system if it is supplied and fitted by a refutable company, unfortunately Good life heating haven't done a good job!

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