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I had booked an appointment for a saturday that I had booked off work, when I got there I was told that i wasn't booked in and when i said that I had called the week before to book it and confirmed the date with them over the phone (my friend was there when I done this so I know I wasn't going crazy) the girl just stood there smirking and shrugging her shoulders saying that there was no appointments left for that day. Then the only girl that can speak english came over and said that it had been booked in for the saturday before and that it was my fault. When I told her that I had repeated the dates to her over the phone she was still insisting that it was all my fault, when I said that the other girl had no customer service and was rude to me shrugging her shoulders she just said that she didn't fully understand and didn't even apologize for any of what had happened and when I told her that I would no longer be recommending them to friends and family she didn't care and just said ok and shrugged her shoulders too. I found them very unprofessional and will NEVER recommend them to anyone!!!!

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