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I've had my nails done in Megan's Nails three times now and i get less and less impressed each time i go in there.

This time i went in there i was told there would be a 10 minute wait, but in actual fact i waited at least half an hour to be seen by someone, but the other party member with me was seen after 15 minutes.

Once i was seen, the gentleman was rough and i felt like i was being rushed. Not only that but once i got home, i noticed that one of the nails had been put on wonky. WONKY. Another nail has got a bit of fiber stuck in the paint.

Overall i am not very happy with the fact i paid 25 pound for a set of acrylic nails, that have not been done to a certain, expected standard. I won't be returning to Megan's Nails again.    10-02-16