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Can buy many haircare products that aren't sold in many other places and there's also a salon that does extensions.    08-01-13


I needed to get something in a hurry in Boots Brunel on New Year's Eve and I didn't know that they were closing earlier at 5.30. As it was still 5.20 I had enough time to look for what I wanted before closing, but it wasn't nice. As soon as I walked in there was a woman stood by the door telling me to hurry up and not saying it nicely. Then every assistant in the shop followed me to tell me to hurry up because they're closing. Then a man was very sarcastic on the tannoy to say they're closing soon, and by the time yet another assistant started following me to tell me they were closing, I'd had enough and didn't bother getting what I needed, as they made me want to scream because they were so annoying.    08-01-13