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After moving out of a short term let they wanted to keep £50 of the deposit to pay for the window sill we had to repair as it was leaking water that we had told them about by mail as it was causing issues with water leaking underneath the sink which they would have known about before we had moved in.
We mailed them about a number of issues including this one and never referred back to for 5 months!
Clearly they worked the game and used the not telling them game with the dispute people but we only got half of the money back. Clearly dont care about the tenants and realise they had not done their job and understood the mail i sent!
Also wanted another £60 for extra cleaning after saying it was £50 and this came about due to the fact that I work in Europe Monday to Friday and has asked them to check the Saturday before the official moving out date so I can do any last minute cleaning before I moved out on the Sunday! They declined and again saw this as an opportunity to make money.   24-03-17
Tags: Poor Customer Service and wanted extra cash